Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We've been busy...

So....let see...we got hair cuts and we've moved. Alot has been going on and we have been really busy. I 've spend the past few weeks painting the back bedroom at moms house for the boys and then the past week has been spent moving into moms house. The boys and I moved in with mom and dad for a few and Rick found a nice place in Alliance. I havent said much about this to anyone but to make a long story short, we're seperating to work things out. Not neccessarily a permanent thing but a for now thing. We'll see where things take us. Anyways, with all that aside...i have tons of pictures to post but i think this only allows so many at a time. So here's what i can post.

Here's our rock solid "baby P" in his jumper. Not sure if he likes it or not quite yet but his brothers sure think it's fun to bounce him all over the place. ( I think he'll be our Abercrombie model...maybe holister LOL)

Landon Before his hair cut...not the greatest pictures but you get the idea - the curls are gone....

Landon after his haircut with his certificate.

Brenden Before as he was caught running through the kitchen...
Brenden after with his certificate.

Funny thing was we took them to that place at walmart to get their haircut. While Landon was getting his cut, Brenden was standing in teh cart laughing at him. I guess he didnt realize that he was going to get the same thign done. LOL. anyways, all in all, screaming or no screaming, my little men are growing up....isnt' their a rule that they're not aloud to do that? They're at such a fun - crazy age...well, i'll post some more pics tomorrow....it's about my bedtime.

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