Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer time fun....

So it's been a few since I've posted anything. I've been putting in applications all over the place and trying to find a job and having tons of fun outside with the boys. I finally have a job, I've started working at the YWCA in Canton as a Before/After School School Age Teacher and while the kids are in school, i'll float, I believe. I work from 8 - 4:30 and I'm in the process of getting the kiddos into daycare. The boys will go from daycare to Preschool and then from Preschool to Daycare for lunch and a nap and then they'll wake up in time for a snack and me to pick them up. Mostly it'll just be getting them to and from school. So, for now, mom and dad have been watching them. They've spent quite a bit of time down at the farm and are enjoying every minute of it. See???

Peyton Driving Paps tractor...what a smile. :-)
Landon and Peyton having a snack at the farm. Dont they look like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown? Luckily, by the time i get home from work, they've already played in the water and are rinsed off and not so dirty LOL.

Also, since we live near Canton, we're near the Pro Football Hall of Fame and we spent one night chasing the hot air balloons. it was totally cute, Brenden had his "camera" (one of mine that was broken). He would say "Wait, I have to get a picture!...Click....." and I'd say "Did you get it?" and he would say "No...." It was totally cute. Then, when we were almost ready to go home, we saw a balloon going down in canton. We pulled into the lot near it and watched it a nice empty gravel lot...which was fenced in completely. It was funny watching them try to figure out how to get the balloon out of the fenced in area.

We were also in the Community Parade in Canton. We were on the Mothers of Multiples Club Float.

And we were in the Twins Days Parade this past weekend. See us in the and purple wagon? I got crafty on Photoshop and used it to make us shirts this year which we got printed professionally that way they wouldnt be ruined after the first time we wore them.
So...that's about it. Going through alot of stuff over here....soon enough i'll post about it. I have more pictures but i'll have to post them another night. Have a good night, i'm headed off to bed. I get to go Roller Skating tomorrow with the kids. :-) I know i know, break a leg. Ha!

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