Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a mixture of things

What a time. We decided to go to the Akron Zoo with the kids for the boys birthday (after partyish b/c we went after their birthday). We also met up with the Canton Mothers of Multiples Club members there. I cant tell you how many times I head (both from me and others) "hey, get back here .... whichever one you are!" Anyways, here's some cute pics from then.

We got to see the new Jelly Fish Exhibit. The boys thought it was pretty neat to see them. I never realized how many types there were.

I'm still not done with their video - and it wont be done for a few. I have to send my computer back to dell to get my SD card reader fixed on it. It wont read my memory card :-( . Anyways, I also have to send my camera in to get it fixed - once again, wont read my memory card.

Today we went to my cousin Andreas house and got all our hair "did". I got mine trimmed and colored, Peyton got his cut for the first time and actually wanted to get it cut and Brenden and Landon got their hair trimmed. They had fun playing with her daughter Aniah and fell asleep within half an hour at bedtime.
So i borrowed Ricks laptop to finish this blog as mine has taken a small vacation and i forgot to upload the rest of Peyton getting his hair cut so more of that to come...

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