Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Makers of Artificial Colors...

So, once again we've had a week...or two. While the boys have been enjoying the sunshine and great weather, I have been working on my finals for my masters classes. After this week they're done...well, this week and a 10 paged paper. Nice. Anyways, Ricks grandmother passed away on the 4th of this month. She hadn't been doing well and they had brought her home and kept her as comfortable as possible. For all you Trescotts, she had colon cancer - like Grandpa. They felt that she was too unstable for the treatment and had chosen not to proceed with it. I've been telling Rick for the past almost week now since she's passed that she has got to be much happier. Ever since I've met Rick, she's been blind. Blind and very unhappy about that fact, especially when grand chidlren and great grand children are brought around and she longed to see them. I told Rick, she's up in Heaven, front row watching all of her grandkids play now and thinking how beautiful they are. Anyways, yesterday after the funeral, there was a lunch/dinner at a family members house. Not much to drink there other than beer or carnival punch. Because of our little friend - carnival punch - i'd like to write a little letter....

Dear Makers of Artificial Colors (Red #40, Yellow #10, Blue Lake....the list goes on...),
How could you? What are you thinking!? Turning my absolutely wonderful and amazingly sweet almost 3 year old twin boys into blood sucking, finger biting, hair pulling, pinching, yelling, screaming, kicking, back talking monsters who are now on strike for sleeping!!!! How could you! What WERE YOU THINKING!!! My little sweet boys are gone and it no longer takes a "stay in bed, mommy will be back to check on you..." and maybe half an hour later, they're sleeping. Oh no!!!! It takes a "if you dont get in bed right now, i'm gonna......." - well you get my point.... add a little bit of laughing, running around the room and 2 hours later, we're still not asleep! Landon went to bed at 10:30 last night - compared to Brenden who was sleeping by maybe 8:30. Let me tell you how many times he cautiously slinked down the hallway.... 4....Four times! UGH!!!! And that's just bedtime, dont get me started on the rest of the day. AHGGGG!!!! So in closing, i'd like to say....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!!!!


Rick and Brenden Cheese for a picture - i was telling rick "No, a real smile" and Brenden cheesed even more - lol.

Peyton pointing (with his middle finger) at a worm that the boys found. The poor thing, i'm not sure what actually happened with it in the end but I know it wasnt pretty.

Okay, me and my baby Brenden. Arent they getting so big - they'll be 3!!!! Anyways, see, my hairs short and black too...i know i know, the black was on sale. LOL.
So...we begged and pleaded with all the cousins down there to get a picture together and this is what we ended up with. It's missing 3 I believe. Anyways, in attempt to get this picture, I caught Brendens true feelings about getting pictures taken in the following picture:
Yes, that's a water gun...but really it looks like he's thinking "If I have to get one more picture taken...."

So...that's what's been going on....time for class, good thing I get to school early so I can blog. LOL.

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