Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Zoo...again...

So we went once again to the Zoo...we just cant get enough of the zoo... So we made the hour trek up to Cleveland to go to the Cleveland Zoo b/c the Akron Zoo doesnt have the rainforest and I wanted to go there. Anyways, we got to go to the "Touch" Exhibit with the sharks and stingrays. The boys got up quickly to see what was in the water. They were all about "petting" the stingrays until the first one swam by fast and slapped the wall with its....fin? and splashed Brenden in the face soaking him. Needless to say he wasnt happy about it. Peyton on the other hand loved the singrays...he liked spalshing in the water too.

After we left the stingray exhibit, we went to the Butterfly Gardens. It was so cool to see the butterflies just flying all around you. The boys kept going "bu-fflies - bu-fflies!" They were nice to look at but when one tried to land on Brenden he wasnt to thrilled about that.
They screached and tried to run away...from a butterfly. Ugh

I also wanted to show every one what Peyton learned to do....he's so proud of himself.

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